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Providing Quality Sod For All Your Needs.

Are you looking for high quality turf for your field? Do you want grass that will enhance your landscape? You are in the right place!

KLM Farms is one of the leading growers of turf grass. We take pride in providing the best turf grass in Minnesota. We have recently acquired the Glenn Rehbein sod farms. This acquisition will enable us to provide the most diversified turf products in the market. With the specialty inventories that we have obtained as part of our acquisition, we are now in a better position to improve every aspect of our business operations from seeding to harvesting and even the delivery of the final product to your job site.

Our turf products are versatile and can be used in landscaping, golf courses, residential home yards, athletics fields, and even in industrial and commercial projects.

KLM farms has been in business for 5 decades. During this time, we have perfected the art of turf production. Our sod farm produces premium blue grass that is grown in both peat and mineral (highland) soil. The best turf grass around is produced using these soils.

Our turf comes in a variety of sizes that include small rolls of 24”. As well as large rolls of 30”. While our standard pallets measure 90 yards, we thrive in making you, our client, satisfied. We will therefore cut the turf that you order into the size that you want or need.

KLM farms own a fleet of trucks, which we use for delivery of our high quality turf. We will deliver to any job site in Minnesota. You can also pick up your purchased products straight from our North Branch & Harris location. Just make an appointment and your turf will be ready. We make deliveries outside the state, as long as you make a prior arrangement. Please contact us for more information on that.

Your delivery request will determine how KLM cuts your order. Sod is perishable, which is why we will not cut the turf and let it sit. There should be as little time possible, between when the sod is cut and when we deliver it to your job site to avoid stressing it.

Since our 30” rolls require special skid attachments or machines, they are not recommended for homeowners. The 24” rolls will be perfect for that though. The $15.00 deposit we require per pallet is refundable when you return them to the farm.

If you do not know how much turf, you will need from any KLM sod farm our online calculator should be of use to you. You can use it to get estimates based on your home lot size, top soil type, and even site dimensions. You can also give us a call and ask for a quote if you know what you are looking for. We will be happy to assist you. All that KLM Farms needs, is your measurements and we will give you the information that you require.

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